Healing Trauma Through Therapy

Dr. Silke Kuball, M.A. Dip HIP

My aim is to help you to thrive again, by healing from trauma and reconnecting with who you really are.

I offer professional therapy, specialising in trauma and provide support for trauma-induced symptoms.

What does Trauma Therapy involve?

Trauma therapy involves three elements, often called stages, which are:

  • Learning resources to ground and stabilise yourself

  • Processing

  • Integration.

Therapy will be based on where you are in your journey, taking into consideration your history and current circumstances.

We will have an initial chat with the option of an assessment session, if you wish to explore further. This helps us to see whether the way I work is suited to your particular situation and needs.

The Body Remembers

When we experience trauma, memory is registered not just as a thought or image memory but as a somatic experience. This can be frightening and overwhelming as it feels so real in the here and now. On the positive side, the body's intelligence allows us to work with trauma that is not even "remembered" as such, through working with the somatic memory, change can still be facilitated. We would of course only start to work with this once it feels safe and OK to you to do so.

Working with trauma can draw on whatever our system offers at the time: body experiences, imagery, thoughts, emotions, basically anything that you can and are willing to access.

Trauma therapy is a process and can feel at times like hard work. There is usually no quick fix. It requires the willingness to look inside and to start to relate to what you find there - in a kind way. When that willingness is there, it can be one of the most rewarding things we engage in as human beings.

“…As your tears fall over that wounded place,

May they wash away your hurt and free your heart,

May your forgiveness still the hunger of the wound.

So that for the first time you can walk away from that place,

Reunited with your banished heart, now healed and freed

And feel the clear, free air bless your new face.”

– John O’ Donohue